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Please visit to reach the next level of knowledge concerning your personal health and well being. Don't trust your health to Doctors who look only to make a living from your visits.

To trust modern synthetic medicine as a substitute for a self disciplined, healthy lifestyle is to invite an early my opinion. The medical profession is full of over fed staffers,,claiming to be well versed in their field. And General Practitioners who entered the field of legal drug pushing fore the simple reason of making a lucrative my opinion.

Your health and welfare played no part in their decision to become a legal poison my opinion.

Boxing Coach and Underground Member as a teen...Josh Kinsel




None are more deeply enslaved than those who believe they are free.


TJ. Ball..Watching The Talent Unfold

It's early 90s...93 roughly. I had just opened for business in my small (The Underground) gym.

In walked three young High School boys, roughly 17 years old. They were curious and the look on their faces did nothing to hide the fact. Of the three, TJ Ball was one of those boys. With a bit of chit chat, we discovered their Football Coach was an old friend of mine. Soon all three were joining. TJ weighed about 155 at the time but could manage a 300 pound single on the flat bench. After a few weeks, it was obvious TJ was serious about his training. But his previous strength training left much to be desired if he would continue gaining and avoid injury. So the process of change began. Not always comfortable with the changes but always willing to adjust, TJ's gains came at a steady and satisfying pace for years to come.

His natural strength and ability to grasp a specific strength building concept of a multi joint training philosophy, told me he would someday reach a level of athletic superiority far beyond that of his Peers. Soon students and friends noticed as all of this unfolded. My membership was growing and I could see it was largely TJ's doing. So I told him, “For every member you add to the roster, I'll discount $10 from your Monthly dues". Long story short...he had so many kids joining that I couldn't keep track of the discounts he had coming, so I just said “Screw it, work out for free from now on”. In the coming years, TJ won State lifting titles and even set a few State Teen records. Words can't describe the drive he had as a teen, (And still has). TJ always carried a bit of doubt about his own virtues but everyone in the gym knew he was special. Not just physically but in every aspect of his humble personality and willingness to help others. I can honestly say, TJ had as much, if not more to do with the success of that gym than myself. The gym has been closed for 9 years. TJ trains for a more serious venue now. Yes, powerlifting laid the foundation but TJ made it work by consistency and always taking each set to the limit without sacrificing form. Now an MMA fighter for MMA Big Show, both his athletic ability and humble personality will certainly take him beyond his wildest dreams But a few of his friends won't be surprised one bit. Certainly not me.



Bob Shaefer







So why is it?

Modern medicine claims to have made such exciting strides in their advancements since the advent of multi billion dollar Pharmaceutical companies. Strides in what??? Advancements in what? Their ability to scam America and get mega wealthy?

If they meant advancements in ways to prevent disease or cure, Then one need only check the growing number of Diabetics, Cancer victims, CHF sufferers, etc. to realize what an outright lie this is.

If anyone thinks Modern Synthetic, pill pushing medicine is anything more than a way to bleed Americans of their cash while endangering their lives with

 their products.........Well you aren't really thinking, now are you?

Order another Pizza and watch football. Your Doctor will always have a few prescriptions to overcome any ill effects from your undisciplined lifestyle.

These Medical Criminals are laughing and enjoying their successes in pulling off the biggest scam known to man.

Read a few paragraphs from "the people's chemist" website by Mr. Shane Ellison. If that doesn't convince you of the truth in what's been said here, then join the poor souls destined to fall prey to this scam and suffer the results.

You'll not be lonely....headed for disaster but not lonely.

   Beginner Bodybuilding and Pseudo Science

Pseudo science is false science, unsubstantiated by facts. The claim is to be
the real thing, but in reality, it's manipulative falsehood. Pseudo science manipulates the
feeble minded through numerous fallacies and advertising schemes.
People likely to fall prey to these lies are Newbies,.... individuals looking for an easy
way out and those without a strong foundation in logic and true science.
There are a multitude of dangers for individuals who fall prey to pseudo science. If
they believe the false lies claimed by these deceivers, they will inevitably fall into a
state of discouragement. For instance, hundreds of advertisements make bold claims
such as, "I took [insert a supplement] and gained 50 pounds of muscle while losing fat,
in 3 months". Or, "After using [insert a weight lifting machine] for 3 months, in
combination with a proper diet, I was able to shed 30 pounds of fat, and achieve my
goal of competing on stage". "Thank you [insert product's name]". "If I can do it, so can
you". Surely the reader is familiar with this unscientific, false advertising. Now, the young
weight trainer who falls prey to this may find him or herself, on the verge of quitting, soon
after they discover gains will never come this easy. This sport is hard work, and
if you are looking to become a pro or even a successful amateur in a short time, you‘re fooling yourself. There
is no easy way and anyone who thinks otherwise, is in for a big disappointment.
Satisfaction comes from long periods of hard work so enjoy the labor.