Photos of friends

Bob Shaefer's guide to Strength and Natural Health, plus MMA Updates on TJ Ball and Roger Bowling! Photos click here..some with links

Shane & Lea Ann Ellison of HealthFX products

Watch for Shane's new book "Over The Counter Cures" Amazon books.

World Champion Bench Press Record Holder..Tina Rinehart. The best of the best ever.


TJ, Bob & Zach in Black tee shirt

Pudz eats bench shirt Bitches for Breakfast.

                                                                       Two Different agendas completely.

Powerlifting is all about an individual's muscular strength. May the sport rest in peace. It was fun while it lasted.

Today's modern imitation does have one advantage. Though expensive...anyone can compete with very minimal

strength or training. Just stay ahead of the Technology advances and you'll do fine. You may even set some fantasy records.